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Stress Management Hypnotherapy Download

Hypnotictracks hypnosis downloads have been created by leading clinical UK hypnotherapist Sam Weller the founder of Weller Associates.

If you are looking at this page, you already know you want to be more relaxed and to feel less stressed, and there are some tremendous benefits to using a Relaxation and Confidence (Stress Management) download from Hypnotictracks.

  • Firstly the Relaxation and Confidence (Stress Management) download has been based on 16 years of actual clinical experience. Hypnotictracks is the virtual division of Weller Associates and was launched last year, and has already has helped hundreds of people to become less stressed and more relaxed.

  • This Relaxation and Confidence (Stress Management) hypnotherapy download allows you to benefit from hypnosis as a very cost effective solution when compared to the fees that a hypnotherapist may charge.

  • If you are new to hypnosis and considering it as an option for Relaxation and Confidence (Stress Management) you do not have to fear that you may be 'under' someone else’s control. Therefore you can enjoy a hypnotherapy session as many times as you need in the comfort of your own home.

    Hypnotictracks uses advanced hypnotherapy techniques to ensure results. These techniques go well beyond the scope of other types of download/MP3 or CD.

  • This Relaxation and Confidence (Stress Management) download is backed up by a full no quibble 90-day Money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

  • Plus a unique online round-the-clock back up service so you have your own fully qualified hypnotherapist on call, who will respond within a 12-hour period. So in effect you have your own Relaxation and Confidence (Stress Management) hypnotherapy programme.
Please click here to find out more about and buy our Relaxation and Confidence HypnoticTrack download now..

Some typical feedback:

"I have downloaded several of his 'Hypnotic Tracks', hypnotherapy downloads and principally listen to the stress management (relaxation and confidence) and supreme concentration tracks. These hypnotherapy downloads have helped me to focus on the task at hand, and as I am nice and relaxed after listening to them I find it has really helped with getting off to sleep, whether it be at home, in a hotel room or in the flight deck bunk of a Boeing 747-400 (the flight deck being my work place!)
Another great feature about the service that Sam provides is the 'after sales service'. The session does not just end when you leave. He is more than willing to accept e-mails and calls and then give further advice. I have also recommended his hypnotherapy downloads to some of my colleagues."
David Abraham
Airline Pilot , Virgin UK

"I lead a very demanding lifestyle and am constantly on the go. I have purchased several hypnotictracks hypnotherapy downloads for primarily stress management (relaxation and confidence), weight loss, anxiety reduction and increased energy. I am delighted to feedback that I have lost several pounds after a couple of weeks, have gained more energy and confidence.
As professional Hypnotherapist I can recognise the quality of the work and technically the tracks are superb.
What I really appreciate is that Sam is always on hand to answer questions and provide feedback so you get results.
I wish Sam and his dedicated team at hypnotictracks every success in the world."
Jo Baker
Certified Hypnotherapist, Glastonbury UK

"I was delighted to have discovered Sam Weller's Hypnotictracks to recommend to my clients. The versatility of a MP3 download, or CD availability format, makes them readily available to everyone. The quality of the recording and the relaxing deep tonality of Sam's voice is something to be experienced. Not only are they effective in producing positive self-changes, but also they provide a half an hour of wonderful deep relaxation, to be cherished. Something not to be missed. Full marks Sam for a great product."
Jonathan C Margetts, UK
Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotherapist

Please click here to find out more about and buy our Relaxation and Confidence HypnoticTrack download now..
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