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Hypnotherapy Oxfordshire - Stop smoking, lose weight / weight loss ++

Weller Associates offer hypnotherapy and hypnosis treatment at their practice in the peaceful village of Over Norton, Oxfordshire.

For potential Oxfordshire hypnotherapy and Oxfordshire hypnosis patients please click here for directions to our practice. From Chipping Norton, take the Over Norton road past the Memorial Hospital, down the dip, up the dip and then immediate first left onto the track - If you now look right you will see High Cleeves Barn. Parking is available at the back.

Due to continued expansion of the practise, we will now be  running sesssions at The Raleigh Park Clinic, Oxford.

We also use the most up to date techniques in order to get the very best results for clients and utilise such techniques as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique to be able to do this.

We particularly pride ourselves in the great success we achieve in the areas of stopping smoking / stop smoking, and weight loss / lose weight through our professional use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Over the years Weller Associates have evolved a style, in which we take particular professional pride, that is very effective in helping our clients to stop smoking / stopping smoking. We have devised a process whereby the smoking habit is broken at the first session. We feel however that to simply stop smoking after a single session is not enough. The follow up sessions will empower you to become a non smoker for life, and to reinforce those sessions we will also include a  hypnotherapy stop smoking CD or  hypnotherapy stop smoking  MP3 from our sister site Hypnotictracks at no additional cost.

If you are serious about giving up smoking please give us a call now using the contact details on the bottom of this page, or click on the Stop smoking link below for more information.

Weight loss / lose weight as you would expect, is achieved through a solid and consistent programme of hypnotherapy / hypnosis. To start with a platform programme of 3, 121 sessions loses half a stone. Thereafter we supply a complimentary hypnotherapy weight loss CD or hypnotherapy MP3 from our sister site Hypnotictracks as part of the programme at no additional cost. This means you can enjoy as many sessions as you need to hit your weight loss / lose weight target, within a sensible budget. We will also include a free 43 weight loss / lose weight guide written by the academy of clinical and medical hypnosis. All in all a very complete weight loss / lose weight package. Please click on the Weight loss / lose weight link below for more information.

Please see below for details on more areas where hypnotherapy and hypnosis can improve the quality of your life, or click here NOW to book a FREE hypnotherapy consulation.

  Habit breaking   Alcohol problems
Phobias   Shyness
Weight loss / lose weight   Relief of tiredness
Stop smoking   Relaxation
Pass the driving test   Migraines
Anxiety   Irritable bowl syndrome
Panic attacks   Fear of flying
Stage fright   Depression
Exam nerves   Stress measurement
Relationships   Past life regression
Jealousy   Anger management
Blushing   Cannabis addiction
Career development   Compulsive spending
Divorce   Fear of injections
Fear of the dentist   Gambling
Impotence   Insomnia
Job interview nerves   Nail biting
Pain relief   Social phobia
Sexual issues
Promote supreme confidence   Public speaking
Smash sales targets   Powerful presentations
Business assertiveness   Hypnotic power suggestions
Telecommunications training   Keyman programming
Motivation   Self hypnosis for business
Competitive edge   Increased energy levels
HypnoVisualisation roleplay   Emotional energy channelling
Greater concentration   Unshakeable confidence
Weller Associates, for Oxfordshire Hypnotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EFT and Oxfordshire Hypnosis - for hypnosis and hypnotherapy in the Oxfordshire area.

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