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Sam Weller, Oxford based Hypotherapist and Hypnotherapy specialist Sam Weller has been a hypnotherapist since 1989. Trained by the legendary Gil Boyne, the foremost hypnotherapist of his generation, at the Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles, California, Sam graduated with diplomas in Basic Hypnotism, Master Hypnotism, and Advanced Hypnotherapy. Sam holds a Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practise through the General Hypnotherapy Register. Sam has completed thousands of hours of clinical work, specialising in therapy and performance related work.

Sam's work has lead him into some interesting areas, and at present he is working with a National UK charity Guideposts Trust. David Beck the Chief Executive has asked Sam to operate a hypnotherapy centre in Nuneaton Warwickshire for carers to help them reduce their stress levels. A first of its kind, and a blueprint for other developments. Guideposts patrons include Sir Ian Botham and Jackie Chan. Guideposts are a major independent provider of housing care in the field of mental health with a turnover of £10m per year.

The BBC have also recognised the quality of Weller Associates work and in 2007 Sam was instrumental in working with N1 Creative and establishing group stop smoking workshops in the BBC Clubs.

Strong links have been maintained with the BBC, and Sam has been a guest of the highly rated Bill Heine BBC Oxford radio show. Sam is a frequent guest on local radio shows such as the then Passion FM, and Fox Radio, when his opinion was sought after with regard to the smoking ban. Sam has also appeared in many local Oxfordshire magazines.

Oxford Medistress has also worked with Weller Associates in the field of stress management. Medistress include Manchester United as one of their clients.

Sam is much sought after as a speaker and one of his most recent appearances was as a guest of the Master of Wellington College the famous historian Anthony Seldon, where Sam gave an address to 300 students and parents about his work.

Leader of the opposition David Cameron was also a guest of Sam's at Oxford BNI, as was Tony Baldry MP at BNI Banbury.

Sam's own brand of hypnotherapy or right brain coaching as he terms it, is very dynamic and results orientated. This has lead him to work with such clients as GB clay pigeon shooters, International rugby players, World golf trick shot champion, Army show jumpers, Formula 1 racing drivers, and Oxfordshire pro-am golfers. Sam has also been invited by Oxford United to work with the players. Sam has also advised David Alred the England Rugby mental preparation coach and goal kicking specialist about the use of post hypnotic suggestions to improve performance.

In the corporate sector Sam has run stress management and communication courses for such companies as Guideposts Trust, one of the UK's leading charities, and undertaken soft skills training for Action International a leading international coaching company. Hypnotictracks was established in June of 2005 to export Sam's own brand of hypnotherapy worldwide. Some incredible success has been achieved with thousands now benefiting from his downloads and CD's - Please see our Hypnotherapy Download Testimonials.

Hypnotic Tracks - Hypnotherapy Downloads

Sam created Hypnotic Tracks as a product that is tightly focused on the reasons why people use hypnotherapy, namely stop smoking, weight loss, anxiety and related issues. Plus sporting and business enhancement.

Hypnotic Tracks has been created as a product that gets results. Most other hypnotherapy downloads and CDs in Sam's opinion rely on some lightweight indirect suggestions for relaxation, with some new age music thrown in for good measure. So hypnotictracks is gimmick free.

Hypnotic Tracks is unique as it provides the only downloads on the market to allow for an exercise in subconscious reaction, otherwise how do you know if trance state has been achieved? So if you know the suggestions are reaching the subconscious they can go to work.

Hypnotic Tracks works on two levels - first the words, which are used, plus Sam's voice has been fine tuned over the years to help you achieve deep levels of relaxation.

Another unique approach is applied by giving online coaching support and back up. Compare this attitude with the "don't like it then here's your money back and don't bother us" given by some downloads providers.

To find out more please click here to visit the Hypnotic Tracks web site.

A little bit more about Sam

Although Sam has been a hypnotherapist since 1989 his other achievements have been as: A Sandhurst commissioned Officer in an infantry |regiment undertaking several combat tours in Northern Ireland as a Platoon Commander in the 1970's. Sam saw that as the perfect introduction to workplace stress. After leaving the Army Sam carried on in the Territorial Army for several years, and he studied under the "Godfather" of hypnotherapy Gil Boyne and used the techniques learnt with his own innovations to pursue a successful career in financial services as a Senior Sales Manager for a major life company (Allied Dunbar) and Regional Training Manager (Crown Financial Management), as well as a Regional Director (RJTemple IFA).

During this time his hypnotic/NLP-based techniques won him many awards and conventions to such places as Paris, Marrakech, Capetown, Bali and Florida to name but a few ...

However the pull of running his own hypnotherapy (right brain coaching) business full time, was just too strong so Weller Associates was formed in June 2004 and one year later hypnotictracks June 2005.

Sam Weller MIPD (Associate)
DIP Hypnosis ACHE (USA)
Dip SM NCFE (Stress Management)
Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice
(Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice - General Hypnotherapy Register)
(Click here to view certificate)

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In order to ensure that you get the best out of the services supplied by Weller Associates we have developed a Terms of Business/Contract for engagement. Please click here to download a typical document.
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