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Business development through hypnotherapy

  Weller Associates have a distinct advantage in this arena by being able to introduce advanced techniques for increased production as well as stress management solutions.

With many successful years in results driven environments, including Financial Services in sales, training and management roles to back this up, we have honed out techniques to give clients a considerable edge in their chosen market place.

Q What is the difference between a top sales person and the rest?
A The top 6 inches.

Weller Associates have worked with Companies, Directors and Coaches to deliver high quality results driven training programmes, both on a group and one-to one basis.

We are proud of our record of giving Skills training with an �edge� in both telecommunications and face-to-face communication skills - The key difference in our delivery is using the power of the mind to give better results and increased profits.

Most training concentrates on compliance and technical requirements. Sales skills sometimes can be allowed to come second - Motivation and belief as always is the key.

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