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Stress Management and Communication Training with Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy for stress management - why it is so effective

Hypnosis is a superior form of physical and mental relaxation. You cannot be physically relaxed and anxious at the same time.

Physical relaxation is a start point to establish the mental relaxation of your conscious mind. This may sound very grandiose but you are in/out of trance state during every day life - driving or reading being typical examples as your conscious mind is on automatic pilot during these activities. Your sub conscious mind is then open to powerful positive suggestions for continued relaxation and increased confidence.

Over the years Weller Associates have helped a considerable number of clients to relax and stay relaxed. Prolonged stress can lead to depression as the mind is over whelmed by problems. Anti-depressants are not the answer and never will be.

This year more so than ever client bookings have been for stress management or are stress related. Common denominators are the work place and relationships.

Although work place stress is recognised as a risk factor by the Health and Safety Executive, very few companies are prepared to do anything, so the emphasis is left up to the indidividual.

A 3 session hypnotherapy programme normally sets most people on the right track. For some clients being relaxed is difficult due to a busy critical facility and not being able to switch off. However with each session the improvement is noticeable. You are almost training someone to relax his or her mind not to be in worry mode all the time.

Some interesting comments by our clients have been����.

�If only you could bottle this�

�This is the most relaxed I have felt since I was on morphine�

�I felt as if I was floating�

... there are many more that we could add ....

Deep relaxation alone can cure a number of things from irritable bowel to anxiety and so on.

Clinical stress measurement

Weller Associates are now working in conjunction with Oxford Medistress Ltd to provide the very first clinical stress measurement facilitiy.

Oxford Medistress are an Oxford University breakout company formed by Professor David Macdonald and fellow scientists Dr Rubina Main and Dr David Sarphie.

Many companies in the market place offer stress management facilities, none offer clinical stress measurement to validate effectiveness.

This unique facility can now be offered by Weller Associates to both individuals and the corporate sector.

If you would like to book a stress measurement test please click here.

Click here to see how Medistress can be part of your Executive Stress solution.

Relaxation and Confidence download

Whether you are local to our practice in Oxfordshire or come from anywhere else in the world, you can experience what a session feels like by simply going to the downloads section or straight to www.hypnotictracks.com to download relaxation and confidence session.

This is where I feel I have bottled it thanks to modern technology.

Alternatively why not click here to get hold of a copy of our FREE STRESS GUIDE from our sister site hypnotic Tracks or here for your FREE hypnotic induction audio download.

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How we can help you

The following outline the areas in which we can and have helped companies in the past.

  Stress audits
Stress mapping
Organisational stress assessment
  Corporate stress management events
Transaction analysis
  Buyer personality type matching
Body language awareness
121 questioning techniques
  Effective communication
Stress measurement
Fact finding skills
  Presentation skills
  Active listening skills
For an alternative view of Stress Management, please click here to go to our stress management page on our sister site.
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