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This page describes in Sam's (now Weller Associates) own words how he first became interested in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, and how he came to practice Hypnotherapy and more significantly help people to stop smoking and lose weight in his practise near Oxford.

"We were living in Oxford and in 1988 attended a Hypnotic stage show and this led to further study and research. Both my Wife and I were working in Oxford as well and felt part of the Oxford scene and used to regularly attend the Oxford Apollo theatre. A Hypnotic stage show was certainly something different. The Hypnotist seemed to wield this strange power and his commands were obeyed without question.

At the same time my Father Jack Weller who is a psychotherapist had met the famous American Hypnotherapist Gil Boyne in London. Gil's ability to deliver results orientated therapy, which might otherwise take years on the couch to resolve was a technique that needed to be explored. Gil at that time had had 40,000 hours of clinical Hypnotherapy experience and had started life as a stage Hypnotist renowned for his rapid inductions.

Gil was based in Los Angeles where he ran the Hypnotism Training School. Gil Boyne is still one of the foremost Hynotherapists in the world and at that time you could receive no better education and training.

Jack made frequent visits to Oxford to discuss his training and experiences with me and how he intended to extend Hypnotherapy into his Practise. He is now one of the most respected Hypnotherapist's in this Country.

I attended the Hypnotism Training institute in 1989. Los Angeles was a far cry from Oxford. The training was very intensive 10 hours a day for a month, with practical and written exams. Diplomas in basic Hypnotism were covered to Master Hypnotist and Advanced Hypnotherapy. As Gil put it how could you possibly hope to be a professional Hypnotherapist after only a weekends training?"

Clinical stress measurement

Weller Associates are now working in conjunction with Oxford Medistress Ltd to provide the very first clinical stress measurement facilitiy.

Oxford Medistress are an Oxford University breakout company formed by Professor David Macdonald and fellow scientists Dr Rubina Main and Dr David Sarphie.

Many companies in the market place offer stress management facilities, none offer clinical stress measurement to validate effectiveness.

This unique facility can now be offered by Weller Associates to both individuals and the corporate sector.

If you would like to book a stress measurement test please click here.

Click here for further details on Medistress.

Click here to see how Medistress can be part of your Executive Stress solution.
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