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Hypnotherapy / hypnosis - Frequently asked questions

  “Do I fall asleep”

No you will enjoy a very special quality of physical and mental relaxation. As a by-product you will feel much more relaxed.

“Do I loose control”

No you are aware at all times and in control. It is a cooperative process; we work together to get the results that you want, because that is what you are paying me for.

“Can it go wrong?”

No it is a very simple and natural process.

“Do you guarantee it will work?”

The process works in direct relation to your desire factor for change. It is not a magic wand.

“What success rate do you have”

There are very few failures in any area due to a very careful vetting process, fact find and Terms of Business. Put another way if you mean business and are committed, it will work.

“I have seen headline ads which guarantee that they can 'make me' stop smoking 'easily' in just one hour, with a success rate of 95%. How does that compare with what you offer?”

It does not. The sub conscious mind will only respond to suggestions if you want them to work. With these advertisements, there may be various provisos in the small print in case it does not work. Who validates the 95%?

My process is about transforming you into a non-smoker, which is completely different, after all you stop smoking each time you put out a cigarette. The aim is to break the habit at the first session then reinforce with sessions 2 & 3. If you are a 6/10 when it comes down to readiness for change then I advise you come back when you are at least a 7, better still 8/9. I do not believe in wasting your money or my time.

“What about these books that say you can hypnotise anybody without them knowing it, and they will obey all your commands”

More BS.

“Will I turn into a chicken / see stars / have an out of body experience or LSD trip”

No… you will not, this is a perception that is associated with the lower forms of stage hypnotism.

“How many sessions will it take”

Depends very much on what is required. The need for relaxation training and conditioning, as a general guide, can normally be satisfied with an initial block of 3 to 6 sessions, and in many cases this will achieve the desired results.

“Somebody in the pub told me that………”

At the first meeting time is allotted to explain the process in great depth. it is during this time that the so-called mystique is stripped away. Hypnotherapy is simply a very effective technique to get results.

“Can it improve my teams performance”

Most definitely, the process works superbly for those that want an edge.

“I am stressed what can you do”

The process is very effective for stress management and probably one of the most potent ways of alleviating stress. Anti depressants have many side effects, none of which are good.

“Why don’t I just buy an easy weight loss CD”

Because they do not work. I have created CD`s that test for subconscious reaction as opposed to some lightweight suggestions for relaxation. The best quality of trance induction is on a 121 basis.

These are typical questions that Weller Associates have been asked, and have answered over many years. They do not cover every area, but please feel free to ring us on the number at the bottom of this page if you would like to know more.
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