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Testimonials for Weller Associates use of Hypnotherapy

The following are a few of the many successful cases where Weller Associates have used Hypnotherapy:  
Business assertiveness
Weight loss
Stop smoking
Relaxation and Stress Management
Sports enhancement
Public speaking
Fear of flying
Hypnotherapy Training

Business assertiveness

“Dear Sam

I had for some time considered the use of hypnotherapy to gain an edge in business. I have always believed that any feasible method to improve myself and my business was an obligation and a responsibility.

Now that I have had a few sessions with you and I have had time to realise the benefits your services has provided both me personally and my business, I feel it is my responsibility to make sure you now receive the recognition you deserve for helping me to provide better service to my clients and improving my business.

It would be too easy to give just general comments on the areas that you have helped me to improve such as increased focus, stress reduction, improved posistive attitude, and increased assertiveness. So I would like to take this chance to put a monetary value on your service.

Firstly my sales are up 25% since our first session together 3 months ago. This I can tell you has equated to an increase in profits of £3,850 during that time. Plus a future booked amount of work that so far is at least £4,200 of which £3,700 has already been collected. So your fees now seem like an extreme bargain.

May I add any business person who does not immediately recognize the benefits you provide should contact me and I will be more than happy to provide them with ample written evidence of what you can help achieve.

Lastly i would like to make a sincere thanks for all the work you have done.”

        Phil Fetzer, Company Director, Absolute Internet Solutions, Oxford, Oxfordshire

“Having been successful in sales and management he was immediately able to pick up on my business shortfalls through an in depth analysis and fact find. By being so precise he was able to work a very effective track for subconscious programming. This has led to significant changes in my business as I am so much more in control and I feel I have a real edge, in what is a ferociously competitive market place."

        PW, Local Business Development Manager for a car dealership, Newbury, Berks

“Dear Sam

I would like to thank you for making a significant contribution to both my personal and business life.

I have always been extremely sceptical about hypnosis and seen such help in life as merely a “gimmick”.

You were kind enough to be very patient with my scepticism and never tried any hard sell tactics to convince me otherwise.

After much rational debate I am happy to say I agreed to give it a go. What impressed me greatly was your professional attitude and desire for solid measurable results. It became apparent that this was not a mechanism for simple indulgence but a practical way to get my desired results in both business and life.

You have assisted me in achieving my business aims. To put it simply, you are now an integral part of my business success.

I would like to thank you for giving me the “edge” in life and business. "

        Pierre Jeannes, Director, Rainbow International, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Weight loss

“Sam conducted a very thorough fact find, explained the process in detail and put me through my paces and explained what exactly he had done and why. He was very honest in terms of how long and how many sessions it might take and that it was not a quick fix but more long haul. However the end result is I am now 2 stones lighter and feel a lot happier”

        PR, Training Consultant, Shipton-under-Wynchwood, Oxfordshire

Stop smoking

“Dear Sam,
Just thought I would write few lines thanking you for your help on getting me to quit smoking. I was probably one of their world’s greatest sceptics and thought Hypnotherapy would not work for me. After trying every other stop smoking gimmick and failing, I thought one more would not hurt.
Well I was wrong. After the first session I was a non-smoker to the point where my smoking colleagues were sick of me telling them so. After the 3rd session there was no going back. Occasionally I still get the non-smoker little gremlin sitting on my shoulder telling me I am a non -smoker when a feel a bit vulnerable. But it does not last long. Also since my sessions I have also felt a lot more relaxed proving I do not need nicotine to calm the dramas of everyday life.
All in all I would say it was money and a short amount of time very well spent.
Thank you”

         Paul Drury, Account Manager, Banbury, Oxfordshire

“Sam helped me stop smoking after smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 20 years with just one session, I cannot thank him enough”

         Julie Woodhouse, Wills and Probate Executive, Brethertons Solicitors, Banbury, Oxfordshire

“Dear Sam,
I would like to thank you for helping to stop Bobby smoking.

Before his first session with you he bought his last packet of cigarettes, and on leaving you threw them away, and hasn't bought any since.

Not only has he stopped, but he has stopped without cravings or mood swings, both of which were in abundance before the hypnotism.

In fact he has turned into a really preachy non smoker, who tells everyone around him smoking that it is a bad, and that they too should see you!

On a personal note I would like to thank you for making him an easier person to live with without this addiction.

Thanks Sam.”

         Lucinda Hart, Director, The Balloon Lady, Banbury, Oxfordshire

“Dear Sam,
I would like to thank you for your efforts with my partner, Yvonne, to break her smoking addiction. As you discovered she has become a heavy smoker having started from an early age. I knew breaking this habit was not going to be an easy task.

You couldn't believe my surprise when after the first session it seemed she had lost the urge to light up every few minutes.

Yvonne has had some very difficult moments when out with her friends and at work. However, you have broken her craving and she now finds it easier to say no.

Her health has definitely improved as has her bank balance.

If in the future should you need any references as to the quality of your therapy please do not hesitate in forwarding my name.”

         Yours sincerely, Richard Goodenough, Director AB Imaging, Witney, Oxfordshire

Fear of flying

“Dear Sam,
Thank you for your help with curing my wife Jane's fear of flying. I am pleased to report that we had a very successful flight and did not need the usual concoction of Nytol and Gin and Tonic to settle her nerves before 'take off'.

I have to say that we were both quite sceptical about the treatment, Jane remained positive throughout and we are certain that your treatment made the difference. I would not hesitate recommending you to anyone who would want to make a change to their lifestyle, as we have witnessed first hand, the power of positive thinking.

Once again thank you, and I wish you every success in the future.”

         Kevin Stanton, aph Financial Management Services, Banbury, Oxfordshire

Relaxation and Stress Management

“After my first session I have honestly never felt so relaxed in all my life, running a company is very stressful and now I feel so much more relaxed than before. I strongly recommend Sam to anybody who is stressed out”

        Dave Beesley, Managing Director, b-line office equipment, stationary and picture framing, Oxford

Sports enhancement

"Sam, It's working very well! Three good wins in the last week. Firstly, I beat the course record holder at Chipping Norton easily. Then I beat a former European Tour player. Best of all I shot 5 under par to beat the Chipping Norton club pro who is an excellent player. I birdied the last two holes and made a 20 ft putt on the last for the win. Truly deadly. Thanks for your help so far. This could not have happened two months ago. You are a legend."

        Jeremy Dale, World Golf Trick Shot Champion, www.trick-shot-king.com

“Dear Sam just to let you know Karl (Field) did very well in France and won a bronze medal. He was full of confidence despite shooting with a new gun.
In terms of attitude and confidence he was quite different person.
We are looking forward to competing in the next England selection shoot this weekend.
I will let you know how he gets on. Many thanks for all your help, which seems to have helped Karl very much indeed.
Kind regards”

“Dear Sam just to let you know that Karl shot a 90 yesterday for his highest score of the selection shoots for the England team. He came second to an unknown competitor – have you been advertising??
He will therefore be shooting for England in October.”

        AH Hook Norton on Karl Field, Oxfordshire

Note: Karl Field will be competing in the world championships in Yeovil on Thursday 14th July 2005.

Public speaking

“Dear Sam Thank you so much for your help regarding public speaking. I am very good when it comes to computers, but I have always had a problem with speaking in front of a large number of people. With just 3 Hypnosis sessions you have given me the confidence to talk clearly about the business I know so well. I would strongly recommend you to anyone who wants a bit of an edge to help them succeed in business.”

Click here to view the actual letter.

        James Craddock, Get Support Limited, Watlington, Oxfordshire

Hypnotherapy training

These testimonials are from people who have been on Weller Associates Hypnotherapy Training Courses.

“Hi Sam
Just to let you know that I received my Hypnotherapy Diploma yesterday and I’m very pleased to say that I passed with a distinction.

Thanks for all your encouragement and advice throughout the course, which I enjoyed very much.

Many thanks and kind regards.”

        Lyn Anderson (Wells Student)

I thought you would like a line about your last batch of students.

Our buddy group met twice each month, not all work, a beer or two was had, our results were:

Glenda: distinction
Janine: distinction
Alison: distinction
Simon: distinction
Paul: merit
Kim P: waiting for a phone call

Not bad ehh.

Thanks for your guidance over the last year where we all enjoyed the course and your style, even your practise stories.

I do hope Chrysalis use you to tutor future courses.

Thanks again.”

        Simon (Wells Student)

“Dear Kate,
Having finished my first year I would like you to know how enjoyable the course has been.

The class work was very often thought provoking and the broad mix of students made this more so; whilst the discussions could be both serious and fun as appropriate.

Sam was very clear on the benefit that students would get if they could form buddy groups. I was lucky enough to be part of a group of six who met fortnightly for most of the year; we gained support, friendship and we always had a good laugh. The results attained by our group were 4 distinctions, 1 merit and one still to be released.

Sam brought to the class a wealth of experience and many examples of real life therapy from his own practise. My study group and I'm sure the whole class appreciate all that Sam brought over and above the course content; I'm sure this made the course even more interesting, it certainly did for our group.

Looking forward to year two.


        Simon Peck (Wells Student)

“Hi there Sam
Just to let you know, my certificate arrived last Saturday - got a distinction! Very pleased with breakdown of results - and amazed at short time I had to wait.

Posting that PLR script to you this week, as promised.

Many thanks Sam, for all your help and advice over the last year.

Best wishes to you.”

        Sue (Wells Student)

This is a letter to say how pleased I am with my results of my Hypnotherapy course! I know the quality of my later work would not have been possible without your input.

It's great to have a mentor that has had your level of experience, not only in the UK but also in the US especially one who has had tutoring by Gill Boyn himself! This was particularly important when relating the theoretical procedures to real life situations with practical advice. It's translating the work in the classroom to the general public that I found particularly effective.

In addition as a tutor, you were prepared to provide a demonstration of your work so the group could analyze your method for Hypnotherapy, which was also hugely beneficial and impressive.

Thanks again for your hard work and commitment to the discipline and the course!

Kind regards”

        Jon (Chelmsford Student)

I would like to thank you so very much for your help and advice on the course and your very relaxed style of training which helped me a great deal, I found it quite hard learning to learn again but really enjoyed the course. I ended up with a MERIT, which I am really chuffed about.

Once again Sam thank you so very much.”

        Gary Perkins (Wells Student)

“Hi Sam
Yes I got a distinction, amazing isn’t it!!!

It really was the icing on the cake as I have enjoyed the whole course from start to finish. Initially it was a bit weird being a born again student but I soon got used to it, even the essays became enjoyable, once I realised how much I was learning by doing them. We were lucky that the small group we formed worked well together, we met regular and helped each other immensely, we even had a few social nights of real ‘student’ drinking sessions – although the student side let me down the following morning!!!

Very big thanks to you, your style of tutoring was perfect and you quite simply made it so much easier to want to learn. I really have enjoyed every minute.

Not sure where I go from here, I have a few options and fortunately a pretty good business head, so heh watch this space!!!

Thank you again.”

        Janine (Wells Student)

“Dear Kate
It was good to meet you on Saturday 8th April at the conclusion of the Professional Hypnotherapy Course at Wells.

Having now completed the year, I just wanted to write to you with some Additional feedback, which I thought about after you had left on Saturday. As you are fully aware our group was faced with the unfortunate absence of Faye Blackwell from tutoring are group, which was a sudden shock to us all. Faye was well liked and was missed by many of us. The disruption in the tutoring was not only a problem for Chrysalis to fill at the last minute, but also for the group when we were just settling down. It was equally unfortunate that we experienced a minority of the group who equally caused another disturbance in the tutoring framework.

The reason I am writing, and I know I speak on the behalf of the vast majority of our group, is with regard to Sam Weller, who came along and brought rapid stability to the group with his friendly approach and experience of the subject. We deem Sam has contributed greatly to the remainder of the course and we are very grateful to him for supporting and instilling a level playing field, which at the start of his appearance was greatly needed to quell and calm the anxiety perhaps many of us felt at that time. Sam has been a great backbone in supporting us to the finishing line and his steady solid style and technique of instilled positive learning was excellent and much appreciated, and we would all like to express a sincere thank you to Sam, via the Chrysalis head office.

As I have now completed my training with Chrysalis, I would like to thank you all for a fascinating and great course which, I have immensely enjoyed.

Many thanks Kate, and best wishes to everyone at Chrysalis.

Yours sincerely”

        Jonathan C Margetts (Wells Student)

“To the Chrysalis team,

I have recently completed a diploma course in Hypnotherapy through your organisation. I enjoyed it thoroughly and am thrilled to add that I passed. I have registered with the Hypnotherapy Society and I've seen my first paying client, which was very exciting.

Our course in Wells got off to a slightly shaky start with two tutors having to leave mid course. It was a bit disruptive for the class. But I must commend Chrysalis for rescueing the situation well and leaving us in the capable and safe hands of Sam Weller. I enjoyed his classes very much and, not only did he explain the material in great detail, he also gave us invaluable practical information for our futures as practicing Hypnotherapists. You are very fortunate to have him on your team.

Thank you to all who had any part in our course. I will recommend Chrysalis without doubt.

Kind regards,”

        Rosemary Hammond (Wells Student)
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