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Self hypnosis for business
Results and expectations

This course covers the following areas:
  How to program yourself to achieve maximum results
How to relax and focus when under pressure
How to unwind at the end of the day
How to get focussed quickly and effectively
How to formulate suggestions to attract more business
How to keep stress-compensation at bay
How to be in the right state to achieve rapport
How to turn rejection into business
How to give presentations powerfully and effectively
How to achieve a state of confidence when it matters most
The course will dispel all the myths and misconceptions around hypnosis. You will experience this natural state of relaxation and how it can benefit you personally. In self-hypnosis you are in control and in your relaxed natural state.

The course is particularly relevant for professional facilitators such as therapists, consultants, trainers, doctors, sales people, managers and company directors.
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