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Why is hypnotherapy so effective?
Anxiety and depression

The process is effective because it enables physical relaxation to be established and then mental relaxation. This when conducted by a skilled operator will enable the client to enjoy a quality of relaxation never experienced before.

With positive programming the suggestions for relaxation will be placed into the subconscious mind and therefore these feelings of relaxation will continue and be compounded with each session. The subconscious mind can be compared to a muscle, which has to be worked to make it stronger.

Stress had many negative side effects, from being unable to sleep, relax, irritable bowl, migraines and skin complaints to depression.

Hypnosis is a natural process. A relaxed body will enjoy greater blood flow; aches and pains will be eased. Mentally the ablity to enjoy a “switch off” period has tremendous benefits. When the mind wants you to slow down it slows you down through pain. Being unable to “switch off” can be compared to a habit.

This is only a very brief description, and many WellerAssociates clients can give testimony to the effectiveness of the process and the benefits.
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